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kawasan industri gresik jiipe

JIIPE Industrial Estate

Residential Area | 800 ha land area

Magnificent Infrastructure, Luxurious Facilities, Integrated Life.

Grand Estate Marina City (GEM City) is a city with a masterplan project covering an area of 800 hectares which is connected to the Industrial area that integrates with one of the deepest and largest port in East Java Province, Indonesia. The best facilities for you, ranging from 2×18 holes golf courses, education town, to the real marina. Started with a vision, GEM City by PT AKR Land is known as a Jewel from the East, emphasizing to balance between living and working, aiming for efficient and better quality of life. This development will enhance the lifestyle of the estate resident by having each distinguished district of 7 wonderful districts: West Gate District, East Gate District, CBD District, Distribution Park District, Education District, Golf District and Marina District.

Residential Area Clustering:

kawasan industri gresik jiipe

JIIPE Industrial Estate`s Featured Features in Gresik

Complete Facilities and Infrastructure Complete Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Independent Power Plant. GEM City will supply electricity from JIIPE independent power plant. “No more black out” will be our committed service for our tenants.
  • Water Harvesting System. Water as a basic need for our residential area will be using Sea Water Reverse Osmosis system.
  • Flood Mitigation System.

kawasan industri gresik jiipe

Energy Sources and Advanced Processing Facilities in JIIPE Industrial Estates

Power Plant

Gas and Coal Fired power plant with wombine cycle system, efficent and flexibitlity with low emission in minimizing the environmental impact and optimal solution.

  • Electricity
    PHASE 1 – 3 x 7.65 MW DUAL FUEL POWER PLANT supplied and EPC by Warsita, Finland. Located in Block E.
  • Gas
    PHASE 1 – Gas pipeline in Block E (6”), Daendels Street to Underpass (16”) and from PGN Pipeline (24”) at Daendels Street.

Water Treatment Plant

We supply industrial water with best equipment, system and service to improve your operational reliability, reduce your production cost and support environmental compliance with:

  • PHASE 1 – Ground Water Tank (GWT) capacity 1,000 m3 .
  • 7 water reservoir ponds totaling 42 ha also as rain water collection.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • PHASE 1 – Industrial Waste Water Treatment (WWTP) with 2,500 m3 per day.
  • Waste water collection Pipeline in Block E.
kawasan industri gresik jiipe

Efficiency of Business Opening in JIIPE Gresik Industrial Area

Single Window Processing System

Single Window Processing System

3 Hour Service from Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board for initial approval and licensing process. JIIPE facilitates industrial investors to the related parties for permits and licensing requirements.

Direct Construction License

Direct Construction License

Utilizing Direct Construction License from Indonesia Investment Coordination Board, industrial tenants could build their factories and right after their construction design is approved by JIIPE Estate Management, in parallel processing their building permit.

Industrial Zoning

Industrial Zoning

  • Combined zone for manufacturing industry
  • Combined zone for warehousing
  • Combined zone for logistics centers