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Articles & News About the Industrial Zone JIIPE in Gresik

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August 23 - 2019

Governor Khofifah: JIIPE Becomes an Important Part of East Java

TIMESINDONESIA, GRESIK - East Java Governor, KhofifahIndar Parawansa admitted that the existence of the Java Integrated Industrial and Ports Estate (JIIPE) became the most important part...

August 23 - 2019

Governor Khofifah Visits Industrial Estate in Gresik, This Is Its Purpose

Gresik - Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa discussed cooperation in the preparation of skilled labor with the leaders of ...

August 14 - 2019

Residents in Gresik Trained to Use Cooking Oil Waste as Washing Soap

TIMESINDONESIA, GRESIK - Residents of Manyarejo Village, Gresik Regency, East Java, are trained in entrepreneurship. They...

August 14 - 2019

Welcomes Idul Adha PT BKMS Distributes Sacrificial Animals to Residents Around JIIPE

This year, the recipients of sacrificial animals are the communities in the villages of Manyarejo, Manyarsidomukti, Manyar...

July 26 - 2019

2nd Indonesia Investment Day

On Friday, July 29, 2019, JIIPE attended the Indonesia Investment Day event held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore. T...

July 02 - 2019



June 19 - 2019