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Articles & News About the Industrial Zone JIIPE in Gresik

November 19 - 2019

JIIPE Is Committed to Preparing the Best Land for Prospective Tenans

JIIPE Is Committed to Preparing the Best Land for Prospective Tenans

JIIPE as the largest integrated industrial estate in East Java, is always committed to providing the best service for potential investors and tenants in the JIIPE industrial area. One form of our commitment in providing services for prospective investors / tenants is to ensure land preparation that will be occupied by tenants.

The form of land preparation includes surveying the land to be used, then releasing water until the land is completely dry, because the majority of the land in JIIPE is ex-pond land, then ensuring that the loading runs optimally and has an elevation of 3.5 M above sea level .

In addition to land preparation, JIIPE is also committed to building and preparing utilities for prospective tenants such as preparing roads with ROW 80 m for main roads, ROW 50 for secondary roads, and ROW 30 m for tertiary roads.

Other supporting facilities that are no less important are also prepared by JIIPE for prospective tenants, namely Independent Electricity, WTP and WWTP, as well as Gas and Telecommunications facilities. Everything is used to support our prospective tenants so they can grow and develop together in the JIIPE industrial area.

November 07 - 2019

​JIIPE Gresik Industrial Estate, Becoming a Bonded Logistics Center

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November 07 - 2019

Capable of Able 183 Industries, Industrial Estate Gresik JIIPE Is Ready to Receive Investors

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