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October 25 - 2019

Comparison of Surabaya Industrial Estate with JIIPE Industrial Estate

Comparison of Surabaya Industrial Estate with JIIPE Industrial Estate

JIIPE Gresik Industrial Estate has advantages as a Modern Industrial Estate:

  • Industrial estate that is strategically located
  • Integrated Port with JIIPE Gresik Industrial Estate along 400 Ha which has complete facilities such as Conveyor Facilities, Wharf, Unloading Access, and piping systems will automatically provide efficiency in the distribution costs of industrial logistics and shorten the duration of shipping.
  • Has a Gas and Coal Power Plant with a wombine cycle system, effective and flexible with low emissions in minimizing environmental impact and optimal solutions.
  • Having a water treatment institution with the best service that is able to provide quality water and can support industrial activities in the JIIPE Gresik Industrial Estate
  • Has a wastewater treatment plant
  • Can get a principle permit or an investment permit is allowed to immediately start construction of the factory while taking care of other permits that apply quickly and efficiently without wordy.
  • Industrial Estates in Indonesia Supported by independent and competitive utilities
  • Flood-free complex integrated with green and fertile residential areas
  • Logistics costs for raw materials and distribution of finished goods will be more efficient by utilizing 3 modes of sea and land connectivity (deep sea ports, railways, and toll roads)
Industrial Estate Name



Comparison with JIIPE

Surabaya Industrial Estate Rungkut (SIER)

245 Ha

  • Away from the Harbor
  • Flood subscription
  • Electricity Source
  • Gas Source
  • Airport
  • Toll

November 07 - 2019

​Investing in JIIPE Gresik Industrial Estate Will Provide Licensing Convenience for Corporate Investors

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November 07 - 2019

​JIIPE Gresik Industrial Estate, Becoming a Bonded Logistics Center

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