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JIIPE support in accelerating the implementation of New and Renewable Energy in Indonesia

JIIPE support in accelerating the implementation of New and Renewable Energy in Indonesia

PT Berkah Kawasan Manyar Sejahtera (BKMS), a subsidiary of PT AKR Corporindo Tbk as the manager of the Gresik JIIPE Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has installed Rooftop PLTS in collaboration with PT Xurya Daya Indonesia (Xurya) as part of its commitment to increase the use of New Renewable Energy in the Industrial Estate and Integrated Port.

One form of PT BKMS support in accelerating the implementation of New and Renewable Energy in Indonesia is the installation of 764 solar panels on several roofs of the utility center building located in the JIIPE Gresik industrial area complex, East Java.

JIIPE is the first integrated area in Indonesia with a total area of 3,000 hectares consisting of an industrial area, a multifunctional public port, and an independent city concept residence located in Gresik, East Java. The installation of a Solar Panel Roof is in line with one of the company's visions, which is to become a leading integrated industrial area by supporting the industrial sector through sustainable energy.

“Besides contributing positively to the emphasis on logistics cost efficiency for industry players, we are also committed to managing environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sources. The installation of Solar Panel Roof in the utility center building is a form of our contribution to the utilization of new and renewable energy from industrial areas in East Java," said Bambang Soetiono, President Director of BKMS JIIPE in a press release, Thursday (10/2/2022).

Xurya as a renewable energy startup that pioneered the no-investment method in financing PLTS Rooftops understands the importance of the role of industrial estates in accelerating the energy mix in Indonesia. This implementation is also a form of support for the government to create a new market for New and Renewable Energy through the Renewable Energy Base Industry Development (REBID) program.

Eka Himawan, Managing Director of Xurya Daya Indonesia, said that industrial estates have a strategic role as a catalyst towards a green economy that is supported by a green industry.

"The use of Rooftop Solar Panel is also an attraction for the industrial sector because of the availability of supporting regulations and ecosystems, as well as increasing consumer awareness of environmentally friendly products. We really appreciate the steps of the JIIPE Gresik Special Economic Zone which have contributed to increasing the use of New and Renewable Energy from industrial areas in East Java," said Eka.

Through the installation of the Solar Panel Roof in its industrial area, JIIPE was able to save 483.917 kWh and reduce CO2 production by 451.978 kg annually. This amount of CO2 is equivalent to planting 5,671 trees for 10 years and using 126,236 liters of gasoline for one year.

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