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May 06 - 2021

JIIPE Sharing Love on a Fitri Day

JIIPE Sharing Love on a Fitri Day

As a form of social concern for the community in order to welcome the 'Idul Fithri 1442 H holiday, PT Berkah Kawasan Manyar Sejahtera (BKMS) as the Developer and Manager of Java Integratied Industrial Port and Estate (JIIPE) and PT Berlian Manyar Sejahtera (BMS) as JIIPE Port Manager jointly distributed hundreds of basic food packages for orphans and poor people around the JIIPE area through the JIIPE PEDULI CSR program.

The assistance was distributed directly to 8 villages around JIIPE, namely Manyarejo Village, Manyarsidomukti Village, Manyasidorukun Village, Banyuwangi Village, Karang Rejo Village, Mengare Kramat Village, Mengare Tanjung Widoro Village, and Mengare Watu Agung Village.

Public Relations of PT BMS Muchammad Usama Martak said that the provision of this Eid package was carried out by JIIPE in order to cheer up orphans and ease the burden on the poor in the area around JIIPE so that they could celebrate Eid or Idul Fitri 1442 H with joy.

"The Lebaran packages that we distribute have a total of 500 basic food packages, which contain various kinds of basic necessities, such as rice, sugar, oil and noodles," he said.

"The assistance we distribute is part of JIIPE Cares CSR activities. Because the company feels the difficulties experienced by the community as a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic. With the JIIPE Cares CSR activities, we hope that the people around JIIPE can feel it. they were happy on the day of victory (Eid al-Fitr) and the surrounding community also felt the good impact of the existence of JIIPE around them, "he said.

Added by Henri Handoko, the Director of PT. BKMS, if JIIPE can continue to develop well. So, the community will be able to feel the benefits, one of which is the opening of job opportunities.

"Public support for the development of JIIPE, of course we really hope because if JIIPE develops, then job opportunities will be wide open for the community and will boost the level of the community's economy," he said.

Apart from us as managers of the JIIPE Port and Industrial Estates who share, there are also tenants or industries in the JIIPE area who carry out the same activities by sharing directly with the community around JIIPE.

Mr. Su'udin, the Head of Manyarsidorukun Village, admitted that he was happy that JIIPE also shared happiness with orphans and poor people on special days such as Eid. Mr. Su'udin on behalf of the residents would like to thank the JIIPE company and hope that there are other programs that can be accepted by the people around the JIIPE area.

Mifti Manager ComDev. Delivering "Hopefully this Eid al-Fitr package will be able to make the atmosphere of Eid al-Fitr 1442 H remain solemn and meaningful. Even though currently the Covid-19 pandemic still haunts us all," he said.

"This assistance is our social activity for the umpteenth time. Because before fasting, we also sent aid to NTT, which was experiencing a natural hurricane in the form of basic necessities and goods needed by the community at the ejection location," he concluded.

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