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Articles & News About the Industrial Zone JIIPE in Gresik

September 23 - 2019

Development of JIIPE Industrial Estate in Gresik

Development of JIIPE Industrial Estate in Gresik

The development of JIIPE industrial estate shows an increase both in terms of quantity and breadth.

Personal data from JIIPE itself shows that the total area of the industrial area is around 2961 hectares which is divided into three main areas. First the area of the environmentally friendly Industrial Estate area of 1761 hectares. This JIIPE Industrial Estate offers complete facilities and is strategically located so that it becomes a trading center and manufacturing center for Indonesia and Asia Pacific.

Second, JIIPE's 400-hectare harbor area is a deep-sea port that is strategically located in the Madura Strait, with a pier length of 6,200 m, pier sea water depth: -7.00 LWS; -11.00 LWS; -14.00 LWS, - 16.00 LWS can serve large vessels up to 100,000 DWT and parts of the greater Surabaya port district.

Third, the JIIPE Housing Area named Grand Estate Marina City (GEM City) covering an area of 800 hectares that is connected to an integrated Industrial Estate with one of the deepest ports in East Java.

The high rate of expansion and expansion of the JIIPE Gresik industrial area is inseparable from the large number of land availability and needs needed for industries.

On the other hand, JIIPE Gresik Industrial Estate has facilitated the development of an Industrial Estate that is integrated with supporting facilities to facilitate investors in developing their business.

The development of this industrial estate is also one of the government's efforts to reduce domestic economic inequality and realize community welfare

May 28 - 2020

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May 27 - 2020

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