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August 10 - 2019

Ships increasingly crowded, Manyar Port Capacity Increased 3 times

Ships increasingly crowded, Manyar Port Capacity Increased 3 times

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA - The dock capacity of the Manyar Port or Java Integrated Industrial and Port Estate (JIIPE) in Gresik, East Java, will be increased to 5.4 million tons in 2022.

With the existing capacity of ship berth production at the pier of 1.6 million tons per year and the realization of the flow of goods having been above 1 million tons over the last 2 years, expansion of the pier is considered urgent.

At present, there are two mooring facilities (docks), ship cranes, and grab hopper. PT Berlian Manyar Sejahtera (BMS) as the operator of JIIPE Port will add two moorings and four railed mobile portal crane (RMPC) units to anticipate an increase in berthing occupancy in the future.

"BMS is conducting an auction process for the construction of the pier with a contract value of Rp130 billion," said PT BMS Public Relations Supervisor Fariz Hazmilzam when contacted by Bisnis on Tuesday (07/09/2019).

PT BMS Managing Director Daru Julianto Wicaksono explained JIIPE dock occupancy (BOR) gradually continued to climb from an average of 54.7% in 2016 or the first year of JIIPE Port in operation to 56% in 2018.

Referring to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) standards, dry bulk docks that have approached 60% occupancy are recommended to build additional docks in order to maintain stable performance.

"Allegedly if more than that number, the waiting time for ships that will dock increasingly high," he explained.

He hopes the dock expansion can smooth the national logistics flow as announced by its parent company, PT Pelindo III (Persero), which wants its ports to be an important part of the connectivity of goods flow in Indonesia.

PT BMS is a joint venture between PT Pelindo III (Persero) through its subsidiary, PT Berlian Jasa Terminal Indonesia, with PT AKR Corporindo Tbk). also through its subsidiary, PT Usaha Era Pratama Nusantara. BJTI holds a 60% stake, while the UEPN holds 40%.

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kawasan industri gresik jiipe

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