Java Integrated Industrial and Ports Estate

Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus, Gresik, East-Java - Indonesia

kawasan industri gresik jiipe

JIIPE Industrial Estate

Independent Integrated Industrial Estate in Gresik, Indonesia - Strategic and Profitable

The main objective of JIIPE is to contribute positively to the emphasis on logistics cost efficiency. The JIPE area combines a complete infrastructure that includes deep seaports, dry ports and direct toll access to various domestic and international market distribution channels.

Industrial Area 1761ha
Port Area 400ha
Residential Area 800ha
Industrial Area

Industrial Area

Competitive and Sustainable Utilities

Eco-friendly environment of 1761 hectares area, offering complete utilities and amenities. Located strategically to be trading hub and manufacturing center for Indonesia and Asia Pacific. An integrated flood-free complex with lush and green residenti...

Port Area

Port Area

Practical integration and efficiency of your cargo trip

400 ha integrated deep seaport estate strategically located in Madura Strait, With 6200 m of total berth length, sea water depth of jetty : -7.00 LWS; -11.00 LWS; -14.00 LWS,- 16.00 LWS could cater capsize vessel until 100,000 DWT and a part of great...

Residential Area

Residential Area

Magnificent Infrastructure, Luxurious Facilities, Integrated Life.

Grand Estate Marina City (GEM City) is a city with a masterplan project covering an area of 800 hectares which is connected to the Industrial area that integrates with one of the deepest and largest port in East Java Province, Indonesia. The best fac...

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