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The Opening of JIIPE Building, a Sign of Hope for the Growth of Gresik Special Economic Zone

The Opening of JIIPE Building, a Sign of Hope for the Growth of Gresik Special Economic Zone

The new office of JIIPE territory manager PT Berkah Kawasan Manyar Sejahtera (BKMS) was inaugurated by Plt. Secretary General of the National Council for Special Economic Zones Susiwijono Moegiarso, who is also the Secretary of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. As a sign of the growth of industry and the regional economy, the opening ceremony took place on Friday, August 25, 2023, at the PT BKMS office on Jl. Raya Manyar KM 11, Manyar District, Gresik Regency. The President Directors of PT Berkah Kawasan Manyar Sejahtera and PT Berlian Manyar Sejahtera, as well as their respective boards of directors, the Administrator of KEK Gresik, the Director of KPPBC Gresik, the Director of Immigration Office Class I at TPI Tanjung Perak, the Director of the Gresik Regency Land Office, a representative of the East Java Provincial Government, a representative of the Gresik Regency Government

Gresik Special Economic Zone has shown outstanding success. We believe that Gresik SEZ has great potential based on the current state of development there. He elaborated, "The investment realization target for the future is USD16 billion, so the current achievement of USD4.5 billion is extraordinary."

In addition, Susiwijono acknowledged PT BKMS's beneficial role in fostering regional and national economic growth. There will be a negative effect on Gresik Regency's (East Java) GDP growth. It will be our future Special Economic Zone if downstream is already underway and develops into an ecosystem, he added.

The inauguration was carried out symbolically by signing the inscription and cutting the ribbon as a sign of building inauguration by the Secretary of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia as Plt. Secretary General of the National Council for Special Economic Zones. This gesture represents KEK Gresik's role as the Business Entity for Development and Management (BUPP) working with the private sector to foster long-term economic prosperity. After the speeches, guests were given a guided tour of the JIIPE facility, which will serve as a hub for communication and collaboration among many different groups. With the opening of PT BKMS's JIIPE Building, KEK Gresik's prospects for industrial and economic growth have improved significantly. The region is expected to remain a hub of innovation and sustainable growth if the public and private sectors work together effectively.

The new regional management operational office will house the BUPP office, the SEZ Administrator, and regional management tools; its opening, according to Susiwijono, will boost morale, enhance service delivery, and pique the interest of potential investors so that they will want to help develop the Gresik Special Economic Zone. "Congratulations on this new building with new facilities and enthusiasm, we will organize together the future of Gresik SEZ to be more useful and blessed for Gresik, East Java, and Indonesia that we love," he said.

There are a variety of ancillary facilities, including meeting rooms, working spaces, sports rooms, café lounges, public lounges, and spaces for business actors, located in the operational office building for the area manager, which is directly connected to the KEK administration office and has a total height of 44 meters and an area of 6,250 square meters intended as workspace. Investors may anticipate the highest quality service thanks to the JIIPE building's operation.

"PT BKMS is a BUPP KEK Gresik which continues to progress and is committed to the development of KEK. Hopefully, our presence can foster business opportunities in Gresik district, currently, small stalls are also starting to appear, and we also strive to provide CSR to surrounding villages. We hope that our presence here will benefit the people of Gresik in particular. We are from East Java, and we want to raise East Java, "said JIIPE President Director Bambang Soetiono.

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